My Story

I grew up going to church.  And I thought I was doing pretty good.  I figured I would go to heaven.  But several years ago when one of our Sunday School leaders asked “Why should God let you into heaven?” I didn’t know what to say.  That got me thinking…

A short time after that, a friend asked me “How are you doing spiritually?” I told him I was doing okay, but I didn’t feel the emotion that I saw from some people at church.  He drew a picture similar to the one below


He explained that the dots in the first circle were the different areas of my life – kids, marriage, friends, family, work, etc. The “S” was for self & I was on the chair & trying to make everything work.  God was in my circle, too.  Then he drew the 2nd circle & showed how God would organize all the areas of my life if I would put him on the chair – on the “throne” of my life.  We prayed together & I asked Jesus to be on the throne of my life.

At the time, it seemed like an insignificant change.  But from that moment, it was like someone “flipped the switch” in my life.  I began reading the Bible…and it made sense!  I talked to God everyday & asked Him to be on the throne of my life.  WOW!  It changed everything!  I still had all the same issues with kids & my husband & our finances, etc. But everything felt different.  I had peace amidst the storm.  And God began to organize the chaos of my life.  It’s hard to explain, really, but He changed my life that day.

I began meeting once a week with a friend who helped me learn & grow & understand the basics of living a life with Christ on the throne.  It was eye-opening & exhilarating!  I had no idea it could be so much fun to follow Jesus!  I talked to God & was amazed that He talked to me – through His Word, the Bible.  I had heard people talk about hearing from God and suddenly it was real to me!  He did speak to people.  Not just in Bible times, but now.

I wish that for others.  If you have read this far, you may be wondering how Jesus can make a difference in your life.  Here is a link to more information…

It’s been a fun journey ever since that day.  I have had some awesome women who invested in me, discipled me and helped me grow & learn.  I’m still learning & growing & I still rely on the godly women in my life who hold me accountable, listen as I grapple with discerning God’s voice and encourage me on the journey.

That’s my story.  It isn’t finished yet.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next!

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